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One Hour Plateau

Host: Ross Witherington

Frequency: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays 6-7pm

Genre: Ambient, IDM, Microhouse, Lower-Case, Glitch, Folktronica, Post-Rock, Shoegaze, Jazz, and the Avant-Garde

Every first and third Tuesday, One Hour Plateau will guide listeners on an excursion across a minimalist musical landscape. 

We will begin our excursion with an ascent composing of dance-able electronic beats.  As we leave this urbanized  metropolitan landscape the scenery will slowly fade away as the sound becomes more and more minimal, until we reach our plateau.  At this point the show will transition into a nearly featureless landscape of chilled out, relaxing minimal ambiance.  We will coast along this plateau until eventually descending back into "reality" as the music will begin to transition into live instrumentation, and eventually leaving the listener in a more familiar and tangible place. 

Please feel free to enjoy One Hour Plateau behind the wheel of an automobile, while studying, or just to unwind from a long day of work.  Open your ears, relax your mind, and come join in for the ride on One Hour Plateau.

KUZU Premier: THIRD WAVE ~ Summer 2018 (11/6)

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