Your music donation allows us to support THE local music SCENE and bridge connections with the larger community around us. Thanks for taking ownership of the airwaves.

All submitted music MUST be vetted. This means you guarantee that the music is radio 'friendly.' No cursing. No sexually explicit content. No explicit drug content. If it's not vetted, it doesn't get on the air!

Submit music online


Upload lossless files (wav or flac).

MP3 accepted but not preferred.

Please send us an email with your contact info.

mail music to the studio


317 S. Elm St. Denton, TX 76201

Provide lossless files (wav, flac).

Please leave contact info with your media.

Write a kuzu Jingle

Write, records, and upload your KUZU loving jingle directly to the station! We’ll put it on the air!

NOTE: No profanity please.

Upload your jingle using the ‘make a music donation’ link above.

The file name should include : KUZU Jingle - Your (band) Name.

Example: KUZUjingle-BraveCombo.wav


"As we talk about ways to keep the arts scene thriving, radio feels like a great way to get everyone excited about local music and build it up." - Claire Morales