The second half of the twentieth century saw the increasing deregulation of radio, which led to the growth of radio conglomerates across the nation. In response to the disappearance of local voice, grassroots organizations lobbied for communities to gain access to local airwaves. Their decades-long effort led the federal government to create a new class of radio stations called LPFM, signed into law in 2010. With a cap of 100 watts, Low Power FM stations have a radius of 3 miles, perfect for a small town like Denton.

In 2013, the FCC accepted applications for new LPFMs, a rare opportunity unlikely to happen again. TWO YEARS LATER, we were granted permission by the FCC to take on KUZU 92.9FM, set to launch in 2017.

We see KUZU as a public forum for artistic expression, music, debate, and local affairs. With the help and support of the community at large, we hope to make KUZU Denton’s own radio station for generations to come.